Tips to reduce cart abandonment in e-commerce

The percentage of users who enter a site to compare and view products without making a purchase is high.

But with our help that will change.

Suggestions for combating cart abandonment:

Always answer all questions from potential customers: Shipping costs, delivery times, exchange and return policy, payment methods…, are information that should be clearly visible on your website. If this information is not within a click’s reach, the user’s satisfaction level decreases and he will most likely leave the site and abandon the cart.

Show that your store is 100% trustworthy: Trust is key for the potential customer not to proceed with cart abandonment. A trust seal on your e-Commerce will make the user feel that they have more control and security over their purchases and is something that will always add value to your site.

Transparency about products: This is key to increasing customer confidence in your online store. Provide clear and detailed product descriptions, including high-quality images and accurate information about size, color and material. In addition, it is important to highlight the unique features of each product, such as special benefits or functionality.

Don’t hide important information, such as the total cost of the purchase, including taxes and shipping, or return and exchange policies. By providing all this information clearly and transparently, you show the customer that you value transparency and trust in the business relationship.

Cart abandonment - Checkout

Simplify the checkout process : make sure that the checkout process is as simple and easy as possible. The easier it is for customers to complete their purchase, the less likely they are to abandon their cart.

When the customer has already selected your products and clicks “go to checkout” it means they are ready to make the purchase. However, any questions in the payment process may cause them to close the page and not go back.

To avoid cart abandonment at this point, your site should visually present all the steps the customer should follow. In addition, shipping costs, payment methods and delivery times should be visible as soon as possible.

● Provide several flexible payment methods: every customer has a payment method of choice, so you need to provide as many payment methods as possible to try to reach as many consumers as possible.

Make sure you offer a variety of payment options, such as credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, Multibanco and Mb Way if you sell to Portugal, among others. The more options you offer, the more likely customers are to complete the purchase.

Don’t forget that if you work with several markets you should adapt the various possible methods to the various markets. Each market has its own particularities.

Cart abandonment - Payments

● Use pop-ups to your advantage: if the customer is taking longer than usual to proceed with their chekout. Know that a pop-up with a discount or an offer at the right time can retain the consumer and make them finalize their purchase.

Even if it is an offer for the next purchase or for a complementary product, it helps the customer decide to continue with the purchase of the moment and can already think about the next one.

● Remove surprise costs: Make sure that shipping costs and taxes are clearly indicated before the customer starts the checkout. Surprise costs can lead to shopping cart abandonment.

We cannot talk about this issue enough. It sounds like a repetition of previous tips but in reality it is reinforcing a warning. All costs should be explained in detail to the customer so that he has no surprises at checkout.

Any additional cost not previously explained will certainly lead to cart abandonment.

● Agility in delivery: It is essential to avoid cart abandonment and ensure customer satisfaction. Delivery is one of the final steps of the purchase process and it is essential that it be fast and efficient. You must inform the customer of the estimated delivery time and keep him informed about the status of the order, from the purchase confirmation until the delivery of the product.

Also, offer flexible delivery options, such as express delivery or pickup point delivery, to meet the needs of customers who wish to receive their products more quickly or at more convenient locations. An efficient and personalized delivery process can make all the difference in the customer’s shopping experience.

● Offer free shipping: Offering free shipping can be a great motivator for the customer to complete the purchase. Consider offering shipping starting at a certain amount of purchase.

You can also offer shipping for quantity purchases. It’s always a way to entice the customer to buy from your online store

● Have good customer service: When a customer decides to buy from your online store, they expect to receive quality customer service and feel valued as a consumer.

A customer service team available to help customers with any questions or problems they may have is very important. Respond quickly to customer inquiries and offer effective solutions.

However customer service is not just about solving problems. It is also important to be cordial and proactive about the customer’s needs. Show interest in helping them and offer customized solutions.

This may include product suggestions that fit their needs, or special discounts. The customer should feel that they are valued by your store, and that their satisfaction is your primary concern.

Remember that customer service is a key part of the customer’s shopping experience. With good customer service, you can turn customers into fans of your brand and make them loyal. So invest in training your staff and make your customers feel valued and cared for. This will increase customer trust in your store and prevent cart abandonment.

● Use abandoned cart emails: Send a friendly email to remind customers that they have items in their shopping cart and offer some incentive for them to complete purchase.

Everything that lives on the internet can be measured and you always know which customers abandoned their shopping cart at checkout so tracking abandonments is important and using email can go a long way to help bring the customer back.

Then the following suggestion of offering discounts can come in.

● Offer discounts: Consider offering a discount to encourage customers to complete the purchase. This can be particularly effective if the customer abandoned the shopping cart due to too high a price.

Even if that was not the reason for the cart abandonment it is always a good incentive to rethink the purchase and go back.

● Provide ratings and feedback: Include customer ratings and feedback on your products in the purchase process. This can help customers feel more confident to finish the purchase.

Don’t be afraid of reviews, a shopper will trust your online store more if it offers them the opportunity to share their buying experience of both your company and the products purchased and if they can read other shoppers’ reviews as well.

Remember that although you can and should moderate all comments it is also necessary to have some not so good comments.

● Optimize your site: Make sure your site is fast, easy to navigate and optimized for mobile devices. A poorly optimized website can lead to customer frustration and dropout.

Your website is the gateway to your online store and it is critical that it is optimized to provide a fluid and enjoyable shopping experience.

A website that is slow, confusing or difficult to navigate can lead to customer frustration and give-up. That’s why you need to make sure your site is fast, easy to navigate, and optimized for mobile devices.

Think of your website as a virtual storefront, where you want to show customers your products in a clear and attractive way, making it easy to navigate and making the buying process as simple as possible.

In summary…

Don’t give up!

It is natural that as an online store owner you want to have as low a cart abandonment rate as possible. However, it is important to understand that cart abandonment is common in e-commerce and can be influenced by several factors such as price, user experience, and complicated checkout process.

There is no universally defined “acceptable” rate for cart abandonment, as it can vary by industry and sales strategy. Some research suggests that the global average for cart abandonment is around 70%, but this can vary greatly between different stores and market segments.

The important thing is to monitor the cart abandonment rate in your own store and identify possible problems and opportunities for improvement. Test different strategies and see what works best for your business.

With these tips, you can reduce cart abandonment and increase your sales.

Remember to always listen to your customers’ feedback and continue to improve the shopping experience in your online store. Greater transparency should always mean a greater number of shoppers.

Ship4you can help you reduce cart abandonment. See how and what services we have at your disposal and contact us.

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