Data Solutions

Your customer and company data is vital to your success.

Organise your data and turn it into a useful tool.

If you don’t have your clients’ data, correctly validated and registered, without a DATABASE where those elements are properly processed, in order to target your campaigns at the right clients, properly segmented, you may compromise the success of your company’s expansion and internationalisation!

Don’t let the heart of your business stop.

Building DATABASES, eliminating duplicates and correcting errors are some of our specialities.

We know how to manage them. We know how to register all information, even with foreign language characters.

We select the right customers for the right products, we digitally archive your documentation and all this with security, integrity, transparency, professionalism and always in accordance with the RGPD.

We have several Data Solutions to offer you

Building databases

Your DATABASE is the heart of your business. It is your most precious asset: it contains the names and other details of your customers or other potential buyers of your products.

Don’t underestimate an organ that makes your business grow.

Start at the beginning, if you do not yet have a DATABASE, we can help you build up your own list, through special actions on the Internet, small draws, offers, competitions or any other economically viable and very effective means.

We have the experience, we have the technological resources, we have the ideas, the will, the enthusiasm.

All that is left is that you contact us!

Data processing

Do you already have a DATABASE but are you frustrated with the amount of wrong addresses, duplicate names, envelopes returned to you by the post office, phone calls to non-existent numbers, e-mails and SMS that never reach the recipient?

Benefit from our solutions and know-how of several years in this activity.

We detect duplicates, misspelled names, wrongly registered addresses.

Target audience analysis

We can help you analyse your target audience.

We have several data solutions to do this.

Campaign planning & analysis

One of the most important points in using your databases is undoubtedly the possibility of segmenting your customers and prospects.

To do this, it is necessary from the start to create ways of identifying them according to various parameters that depend only on your business.

This classification allows you to select the customers according to the campaigns you plan to run.

We can help you with customer and prospect selection, planning and analysis of your campaigns.

BI - Business Inteligence

We have BI tools to analyse the results of your campaigns and obtain optimised results from your investment

Data solutions



Yes, of course!

If you have, for example, coupons from contests and quizzes and you want to keep the data of the respective participants, we will record them, as well as we have data solutions that allow the total absence of errors in your files.

We can store them on our premises in a completely secure way in compliance with the RGPD rules

Nothing could be easier!

If you wish to take advantage of this service, access is totally facilitated, by our CLICK & DECIDE system, over the Internet, via a secure connection.

If you choose to keep the DATABASE in your company, the transfer will be made via FTP, with total security and speed.

You can use our SELECTION service for your campaigns.

You can also ask us to develop other initiatives, such as specific solutions for your sector of activity or any other project you wish to undertake.

We can create e-mail and SMS marketing campaigns or programme, print, envelop and send direct marketing campaigns such as gifts or promotions.

Not at all.

The files we develop are prepared to be used not only in DIRECT MAIL campaigns, but also in TELEMARKETING, E-MAIL or SMS actions.

Everything depends on the information contained in the DATABASE.

Of course we do!

We already have relationships with companies in Eastern European and South American countries.

We work with multilingual characters, where we are not missing Cyrillic, for example. The registration of your customers’ names and addresses is therefore processed rigorously, free of spelling errors.

Furthermore, we have an equally multilingual customer service team to deal with all contacts that have been a headache for you until now.

Whether written or oral communication, expand your horizons … and your profits.

Feel free to do so.

The fact that we have an integrated solution, which works in a complete 360º cycle, does not mean that we cannot offer you just a part of our vast resources, be it just Data Solutions, Fulfilment, e-Commerce or just the creation of your website.

The choice is yours, only yours!

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