Your database is very valuable. Take good care of your database!

Take good care of your database!

The database is one of the most precious assets of any company.

But if it is not well taken care of, updated and clean, it loses half of its importance and compromises a qualified contact with your clients.

It contains the name, cell phone, email, and interests of all your clients and potential clients. The better it is handled and the better you know how to take advantage of this information, the greater its potential.

But handling a database is not simple and requires a lot of work.

Take good care of your database, repeated names, wrong email addresses, incomplete addresses, are some of the problems you may encounter. However, none of this is a reason to give up because Ship4you can help you clean up your database or even build a new one.

From here you can start segmenting it and creating campaigns that are truly targeted to those you really want to reach.

 Do you already have a database?

take good care of your database

We should start by asking if you already have a database.

If not, we can help you build one by proposing special actions, promotions, contests, offers, and other types of very effective campaigns.

If you already have a database, but you think it is not being well used and worked on, talk to us!

We can detect duplicates, misspelled names or addresses, postal code errors, etc. In addition, we can introduce each new contact for you and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

But let us give you a concrete example so you understand what we can do for you. Imagine that your company is a clothing store chain and you need to create a database of your customers, organized with a lot of information about each of them to be able to segment your communication.

 What do we do?

Periodically, your company sends us the registration coupons of your customers that are collected in each of your stores.

After that, Ship4you’s registration area enters the data from each coupon into the VCP ERP/CRM system: names, addresses, contacts, email address, hobbies, etc.

If you prefer, we can create a web page where you can do it. We then, before validating the data registered on the web page, check the data entered and correct whatever is necessary.

If you want to archive your customers’ coupons correctly, at the end of the registration/entry, the system generates a barcode to glue to the physical coupon. This physical coupon is then sent to the archive where it is classified and scanned.

In the end, your company will have access to both the data of your customers who are registered in the database and their scanned coupon. All this is done via Ship4you’s Business Intelligence system.

At this stage you are then ready to launch your direct mail, email or sms campaign with a qualified database and truly segmented communication.

At this point Ship4you extracts the customer contacts from the database according to your needs and sends your company the files with the information needed to launch the campaigns.

We can also prepare your campaigns ourselves, either by personalizing, printing and sending the letters if you prefer to send a mailing, or by personalizing, creating and sending the e-mails and/or SMS.

Take good care of your database and you will see that the return is great and important.

 Segmentation: the secret to success

It is very important to know that a well-fed database, with all the necessary information, is of no use if the segmentation of names is not done with total accuracy and deep knowledge.

Decide which variables you want to work with before you create your database. This way you can choose the best recipients for a given communication and it will become much more effective.

Ship4you has the specialists and knowledge you need to reach the right target for the right product. We invite you to talk to us because we can help you create your database and contribute to your company’s success.

Once you have created your database, the most important thing is to “Take good care of your database“.

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Take a look to our services

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